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Call for proper labelling of palm oil in food & household products

Hey Tumblr. This is a cause I really care about.

Palm oil is found in 40-50% of our household products. According to the WWF, an area of forest the size of 300 football fields is destroyed HOURLY to make room of palm oil plantations in Borneo, which is home to many of the world’s most beautiful flora and fauna (ok all flora and fauna are beautiful!). 

This is the ugly truth guys.

Palm oil production and exportation contributes to massive deforestation, habitat degradation, species extinction (Borneo is home to the orangutan, Sumatran tiger, and sunbears), climate change, and indigenous rights abuses. Knowing palm oil plantations are hurting orangutans are what is driving me to start up this petition. THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL, AND GENTLE, AND LOVING. They don’t deserve to be almost wiped out!

The thing is… palm oil is often labelled as VEGETABLE OIL. I am boycotting palm oil, AND vegetable oil (just in case) which makes things difficult. It is frustrating that such a harmful ingredient is being labelled as something that sounds harmless.

My hope is that the proper labelling of palm oil in household products will encourage us to make an informed and responsible decision in how much, if any, palm oil products and food we consume.

It would be SUPER WONDERFUL if you could sign this petition. I’ve found e-mails of authorities and policy makers in relevant government departments of Indonesia and Malaysia. EVERY SIGNATURE COLLECTED WILL SEND AN AUTOMATIC EMAIL TO THESE AUTHORITIES.

I truly hope we can make a change. Please help guys.


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